Visitor Info

Lots of good information here to reference before and during your visit with us.

Coming for a visit to EndPoint?

Consider supporting us with a donation or two from the list below. They are always appreciated…..

  • Candles
  • Toilet paper ( just bring a few rolls. Not a Costco pack)
  • Paper towels (see above…:) )
  • Coffee (Using the Breville espresso machine? bring some roasted espresso whole beans, We like WonderState from WI, but a good espresso bean roasted recently will always do!)
  • Dawn power wash refill detergent
  • Cocktail supplies / replenishments
    • red vermouth
    • Woodford reserve bourbon 
    • Korbel Brandy
    • Bitters
    • 7-up
  • cool art made by you or someone you know! (little bits and bobs that will fit on a window sill, a post, a wall